Noah Vonleh Is Making National News

The rankings for the top 25 sophomores in the country just came out and Rivals Noah Vonleh appears in a list of 5 players that fell just short of making the top 25.  Doing the math, that puts Vonleh in the top thirty.  That's pretty amazing for a  young man that is only 14 years old and could technically be an eigth grader.  Here is what ESPN had to say about Vonleh.
Noah Vonleh (Haverhill, Mass./Haverhill)
SF, 6-5, 175 pounds | College: Undecided
He's a long, strong swingman with huge hands and feet but appears to still be growing. Vonleh has star qualities with instinctive efficiency in his game. He attacks the rim, is a big-time rebounder and has a rapidly-developing jump shot.