UMass Lands Laguerre

July 4th, 2010
New England Recruiting Report

Minutemen keeping one of New England's top guards close to home for next four years.

The University of Massachusetts picked up a big commitment earlier this weekend from New Hampshire native Jordan Laguerre

The timing couldn't be better for the Minutemen as they lock up one of the region's most talented guards just prior to the beginning of the evaluation period. 

Laguerre is the rare talent who can thrive on both ends of the floor.  He is an explosive offensive player who can get anywhere he wants with his dribble, has an endless array of bouncy finishes at the rim, and has developed into a consistent shooting threat behind the three-point line.  Defensively he is just as good, showing the quickness to lock up scorers in the half-court or pressure the basketball for 94 feet. 

His talents seem to be ideally suited for UMass' system which relies on full court pressure defensives to create tempo and playmaking guards to operate in their dribble drive motion offense. 

Beyond the style of play, Laguerre was also comfortable with a variety of other factors at UMass. 

"I have been down three times, played with the team, and gotten to know the underclassmen," Laguerre said.  "I like the kids I'm going to be playing with, feel like I can talk to the coaches, and like the school itself."

While staying close to home wasn't necessary a priority, Laguerre admits "it is very convenient" and is looking forward to having family and friends watch as he hopes to help continue to rebuild the UMass program. 

"There is a lot of talent there," he said.  "The program is definitely going in the right direction and I want to be a part of it." 

One person who was instrumental in Laguerre's decision was his guardian Jeff Gore. 

Laguerre says that he has known Gore "since I was like five years old."

Gore works with a number of inner city kids in Laguerre's hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire but the two formed a quick bond and have been extremely close ever since. 

"There have been a lot of other kids that I've done the same thing for but Jordan was always special," Gore said.  "It wasn't just because of his basketball talent.  He has always been a great kid, very respectful.  He's always been that good kid that everybody likes.  I've always looked at him as a son and tried to be like a father figure to him." 

Gore has also proven to be a tremendous resource to Laguerre and his mother when it came to the basketball world.  A division II assistant coach at Southern New Hampshire University, Gore was not only able to offer Laguerre guidance on the floor but also with his knowledge of NCAA rules, prep schools, and recruiting. 

And while basketball is certainly a passion that binds the two, Laguerre says their relationship extends far beyond. 

"He's really more like a dad to me than a coach," he said.  "He's helped me through a lot through the years." 

While Laguerre's recruiting stock has really taken off within the last year, Gore saw his protégé's potential at a very young age. 

"He always had an ability to make difficult shots," Gore said.  "When he was younger he would take some crazy shots, but he made them.  He always took