Some of the Rivals pose for a picture at Hoop Mountain.  From left to right are Eric Davis, Cedric Kuakumensah, Joe Mussachia, Ben Hill, Jordan Laguerre, Scott King, Ryan Canty, Javon Williams,  Matt Cimino, Mickel Simpson, Mike Auger, Brad Holler, Ryan Hartung, Mack Burt, Quentin Bullin, and Zach Auguste. Missing from the picture but in attendance were David Madol,  Dimitri Floras, Alec Brennan, Steve Haladyna, Mabor Gabriel, and Ken Miyachi.

The Rivals Basketball Club was the story at this weeks Hoop Mountain Camp at Stonehill College in Easton, MA.   430 kids attended the camp and the Rivals were the most represented AAU team with 22 players in attendance.  With many college coaches in attendance, it was easy to recognize that UMass Head Coach Derek Kellog was parked under the basket on whatever court Jordan Laguerre and Ryan Canty were playing on.  It was just as noticeable that B.C. coach Joe Jones was watching the talented Zach Auguste. Jordan Laguerre, who just accepted a scholarship to UMass Amherst, was outstanding all week as he was awarded the camp MVP.  Ryan Canty was the slam dunk champion (no surprise) as he brought down the house during the contest.   Jordan and Ryan were named camp All-Stars and were joined by Zach AugusteCedric Kuakumensah, Joe Mussachia, Scott King, and Ben Hill.   Congrats to all.