The off-season is the time of year when each basketball player is challenged to work hard to improve their individual basketball skills and become a more complete basketball player. During the regular season you usually work on team related offenses and defenses and you usually spend minimal time working on individual basketball skills. I credit much of my success on the basketball court over the years to the fact that I had great individual instruction and learned to develop a great work ethic as a teenager. Many basketball junkies falsely believe that playing game after game is what will make them a great basketball player. They often overlook the fact that basketball is a skill sport, and it is the development of the skills of the game that inevitably separates the good player from the exceptional one.

With the help of my basketball teacher and former AAU coach, Vin Pastore, I have developed a comprehensive skill development program similar to the one Vin developed for me as a teenager. This program was instrumental in helping me to reach my dream of becoming a "McDonald's All American". Vin and I train young basketball players on the proper techniques of the game and oversee their workout program to assure they maximize their results and become the best basketball player possible.

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